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Click Here to Become a Vendor

To Vend at the San Jose or Pleasanton Bird Mart:

1. Read Our Policy Page

By signing your Application, you agree to abide by the Policies of the Bird Mart.

2. Decide If You Are a Specialty Vendor

Don't have any birds to sell, or just a few birds? Only have a few items to sell? You may qualify to be a Specialty Vendor. If you qualify, mark the appropriate boxes on the Application form. To qualify, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You sell novelty items, such as refrigerator magnets, baseball cards, photographs, illustrations, clothing, etc., excuding pets.
  • Your total show sales are less than $300, AND no single item costs more than $40.
  • You do not sell pets, OR you are selling no more than 10 small birds, or 6 med-large birds.
  • There are no early-pay discounts or late fees for a Speciality Vendor. The price is always the same.
  • Your eligibility must be verified by SJBM before you order your space.
  • If you select this category but do not qualify, you will be charged full price for your space. Please call us with any questions at 408-358-0882.

3. Find the Appropriate Date - Click 'Application' to Download Applications

Feb. 15 - Cypress Community Center - Application
April 12 - Pleasanton, Hall B - Application

August 30 - Pleasanton, Hall B - Application

  • If you cannot view the above application PDF files, visit www.adobe.com and under the Download heading, click Acrobat Reader to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.
  • By signing the Application, you agree to all Policies. The Policies apply to all attending vendors, whether or not a signed application is on file.

4. Print Out the Application

5. Fill Out the Application

  • Please include all your information, including your Resale Number on all paperwork, even if we have a copy.
  • Whether you pay in full or give us a deposit (see Policies), make sure we receive a copy of the Application (by mail or fax). If we don't receive an Application, we won't know you want a space, and you may not get on our floor map. Even if you call and place an order by phone, we also need a copy of the Application to ensure you get a space.

6. Make all Checks Payable to San Jose Bird Mart, regardless of location.

  • Please allow 14 days for your check to clear the bank. NO CHECKS accepted within 21 days of a mart.
  • If we receive your check within 21 days before a show, you will be asked to bring cash to the show to replace your check.
  • If you order booth space, you will be charged for the space, even if you do not show up on mart day.

7. Mail Check, Resale Permit, and Application to: P.O. Box 54004, San Jose, CA 95154

  • Once we have your Resale Permit on file, we do not need another copy. However, please include your permit number on all Applications.
  • We will mail you a confirmation card once your order is received and checks clear the bank.
  • No cards are mailed the week prior to a mart.

Set-up Hours: Saturday, Noon-4pm. Sun. 6am-8:30am
Sunday, 3pm-5pm (must be out by 5pm on Sunday)
Show Hours: 9am-3pm.

Become A Vendor

  • To become a vendor, you must first obtain a Resale Permit (see directions below).
  • After obtaining a Resale Permit, follow the steps at the top of this page.

Obtain a Resale Permit

  • Apply in person by visiting your local State Board of Equalization office to apply for a permit.
  • Apply online by clicking here. It is the same process, but you can print out an online receipt to prove that you have applied. They will mail your Resale Permit to you. If you don't get your permit in time, bring a copy of the receipt showing that you applied.
  • The Resale Permit is free, and it gives you the right to collect sales tax.
  • You must collect sales tax on all sales of birds and products, and forward the tax to the State of California.
  • Once we have your Resale Permit on file, there is no need to give us another copy. However, you must keep
    it up to date, or you will be unable to vend at our marts.
  • To start vending at our marts, follow the instructions at the top of this page.

Full payment due with Application. Please pay on time. Thank You! Pricing, deadlines, and information may change without notice.

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